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Sahara Consulting

Sahara Consulting is a project management firm focusing on managing projects that creates an impact on the community. Our projects are sustainable data-driven projects designed with the user while considering the needs of the ecosystem. We use ICT tools and adopt innovative approaches.

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Sahara Consulting

Project Management

Sahara Consulting design and manage for impact projects. Sahara Consulting works with private sector, public sector, and development sector partners on designing projects which are data-driven and user-centric. Sahara Consulting promotes the concept of open innovation by sharing and capturing learning in all the projects we implement.

Community Engagement

Sahara Consulting conducts community engagement activities, Sahara puts the community at the center of the designing process by working directly with the beneficiaries. Sahara Consulting is working with partners on implementing community projects in the rural, peri-urban and urban areas accross Africa.

Project Design

Sahara Consulting helps project partners on designing projects that create impact in the community. Our approach is in adopting innovative tools and ICT solutions to address community problems. Sahara Consulting designed projects that are sustainable and build to scale. Sahara Consults adopts entrepreneurial approaches on design projects by incorporating business models that encourage formation of social enterprises.

Data Collection

Sahara Consulting helps projects partners who are looking to collect data from the community with the aim of creating positive interventions that will ensure impact creation at the grassroots level. Sahara Consulting is embracing the concepts of data-driven projects and agile monitoring and evaluation approach ensuring data being captured at each stage of the project implementation process.

Saharans Works

We strive to deliver quality.

Africa SDGs Photos Campaign

Digital and Traditional Media Campaigns

Sahara Consulting helps project partners on conducting digital and traditional media campaign looking to engage communities at the grassroots level. Sahara Consulting works with a team of digital and traditional media expert to design and implement campaigns that are unique and creates intended impact. Sahara is implementing the #AfricaSDGsPhotos digital campaign to promote awareness on the SDGs via digital photography.

Data Zetu Listening Campaign

Community Engagement, Data Collection and Research.

Sahara Consulting works with the community directly to design and implement projects that create direct value to the community. Sahara Consulting works with the communities to build the capacity of Data usage through Data Zetu project. Sahara works with partners to design tools that help the community to address some of the most pressing issues "pain points".

Amua Accelerator

Social Impact Innovation Challenges

Sahara Consulting design and implements social impact innovation challenges by designing projects that promotes innovation through competitions, technical support (mentoring) and offering seed investments. These innovations challenges focus on promoting rapid prototyping and quick go to market for local social innovations.

Hatua Project

Tech For Good Projects (ICT4D)

Sahara Consulting designs and implements ICT for good projects. Sahara Consulting believes ICT is a tool and can be used most of the community problems if used effectively. Sahara Consulting has been designing projects that adopt ICTs to address issues such good governance, citizens engagement, health, agriculture etc.

Mkwawa Arts Space | Vijana AgriLabs

Social Impact Idea Labs

Sahara Consulting works with project partners; the private sector, public sector, and development to support the creation of social idea labs that help to address community problems leveraging on readily available resources. Mkwawa Arts Space is a social idea lab which addresses community problems and challenging social norms using arts. Vijana AgriLab is an agribusiness incubator empowering grassroots community to build businesses out of small-scale farming

Data Zetu Project

Design Thinking For Social Innovation

Sahara Consulting adopts concepts of design thinking when designing projects. Sahara Consulting helps project partners and beneficiaries partners to adopt the approach to make the projects relevant (desirable, viable and feasible).

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